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What soulfood or mindfood do you eat ?


What soulfood or mindfood do you eat ?

I can not understand that millions of people are in need of self appointed prophets be it in the form of mental junk labelled '' the secret '' or on the need to have a counsel in the form of psychologists and psychiatrists. I mean if I follow a person and try to incorporate his way of life his mind structure into mine : I want to know all about their circumstances and their lives in this world, and I analyse if it makes sense or not, and what its greater implications for the society are.
All New Age gurus put their system out for one reason to make money. Later they are drowning in the dwells of the fake water they created, celebrating their cults. So we basically turn back the time and belief in the medcine men again as opposed to what makes sense.
New Age is dangerous for society as it narrows down people's paradigm in a way that I, me, and myself the fullfillment of my pleasures and my desires becomes the epitome of happiness.
Comments like: '' life is all about moments that take your breath away'' echo the self pleasuring indulgence spree that the products ( people ) consume. Albeit they do not realize that it is this fake cycle that consumes them, their body, mind, and soul.
It is a worrysome trend that intimacy has dissappeared and people do whatever they please at ease. People create bunkers inside of themselves to be following a guru in order to have a collective consciousness that directly depends on their dark desires. The love of physical pleasures is advocated in these scam campaigns a la the secret, disregarding the humans basic need which is LOVE. Every human being needs love and needs security yet if you only worry about yourself you can not love, because you are in a consumer lifecycle. Meaning as long as you consume, you are happy. One can see the most unhappy people to be shopp addicts because of a lack of love.

So what pill do you take ?

The self pleasing shopper.

Or are you more of a giving person as in living for other people ?

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