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What will YOU be eating for breakfast tomorrow?

Are you a breakfast person or a "grab an apple and run out the door" kind of person?

When I stayed in Rome last week, I was disappointed with the breakfast simply because there was no wheat free option - I really did think that the world today was far better educated in that regard .... and especially as I live in a very rural part of Spain where even here I can get what I need - but Italy's capital city seems to be way behind in this regard ...

Because of my own wheat intolerances it's made me really think about the breakfasts we serve here too - there must always be an option for wheat free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan diets - even though the majority of people don't have those requirements it makes the world of difference for those who do....

Does it make a difference for you what you have for breakfast? Do you think about it in terms of health, speed, caffeine hit? Or do you have food intolerances that seriously affect where you can go to eat?

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