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Hi guys,

I've been "dragged" lately into a sort of hamtletic question so I decided to ask you all. I am very curious to see what you would do in my situation, where I feel kind of stuck at the moment. Long short story: I was contacted by somebody who proposed me to do a project together. I loved the idea and was so excited and flattered at the same time, so I started my part immediately. At the same time, the other party faced major situations, including a big relocation and a lot of things to organize, so I was told the project was put on hold. So, I accepeted and waited.

At present, it's about 6 months I've been waiting. The thing is that now I see the person has setteled pretty well and is moving on with other business and I feel our common project left behind. I have already contacted the person in question a few times, and was always reassured that it will go on soon, and other apologetical stuff, but now am slowly losing my heart.

So, the question now is, I worked hard on my part (the biggest of the project), but the idea was not mine, shall I move on and find another partner (but then it would be like stealing the idea), abandon (such a pity after all that work I made!), or do you have any other ideas?

Thank you so much for your much appreciated feedback!

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