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Whats happening in Istanbul ? 7 minutes video

Dear Expat community

You can click below link to see the real reason why people start demonstrating in Istanbul and in all other cities after all. Video has English subtitle for the foreigners. National media was censored by government in first couple of days and social media helped us to spread the news but as you can imagine it is also risky platform to manipulate the messages to the world. Most of the people in different countries still have no idea about whats really happening !
- This is not so called "Turkish Spring" as previously happened in some countries.
- This is a democratic protest by normal people from all ages, social levels, cultures to say NO to wrong regulations of government.
- This is a protest naturally supported by many people in all around Turkey due to brutality of Police forces by using excessive tear gas, pepper gas, water cannon and violence to the demonstrators.
- We are not expecting exported democracy from any other country but just to let world get the right information and create international pressure on Turkish government to stop violence on their own people.

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warm regards / Cetin

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