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When civil rights clash with police procedurals


Presidential debate recently mentioned the keywords: stop and frisk and also seeking to increase trust between communities and policeforce

for me i simply do not see how police procedurals that are against ciivil rights to be able to increase trust between black and hispanic and communities and the police!

i see that as great initiatives to hate crimes against the police!! i see that as great distrust to begin with!!

with such policies in place, no trust shall ever be found because no trust is ever found with policies starting out with mistrust in the first place???
and even when hillary said that it is about safety of police officers i dont buy it!!!
i dont buy it because EVEN when it is the criminals they see and it is them who have guns but still these criminals may not even have that kind of motivation to kill police officers!! until you have that kind of policy in place!!

that they are not solving why the criminals have guns in the first place but is treating this complex problem with simplistic solution like stop and frisk makes me grew sicker of american governments incompetencies!!

and to treat distrust with distrust too, bafffles me to no end!!

indeed this government is sick!! obama was a godsent but even two terms is not enough !! may god bless america under hillary and may god save america under trump!!!

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