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When is enough, enough?

When is enough, enough? Supposed legitimate hournalists have actually begun reporting on this, e.g., Protected content . I my opinion publishing conspiracy theories of Alien`s (e.g. unrealized dna, CRISPR) inside of Elon Musk lacks all journalistic integrity and merely fuels the fires of misunderstanding, as if to say, it`s in the rich`s nature to want to build theme parks on Mars, when the real issue is the gross overuse of total resource by those people to get him there and the BOILING OF OUR PLANET, while honeyfuggling us all by <charitably> letting us lap the drippings from the table of affluence, as we wag our tales in self-righteous love and nod and are told that it is in all shared our interest to follow any human idea, when enough people say <AWESOME> or <EPIC> and our self is not whole unless we channel our would-be inner child in overcoming anything that would call the hackneyed bromide, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! into question!

Praying/meditation on/to God/Universe/Allah/Yourself/Your cat reflects the intuitive human understanding of our connected to everything in every moment. Yet Destroying our Planet to become connected to everything is MUTUALLY SUICIDAL, whether or not it`s possible! - Natron Deo (aka Rick Clabaugh)
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