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When is your Expat life no longer safe?

Protected content sure at some point today you've seen the news about yet another terrorist attack. This one happened in Tunis, Tunisia - the country I've called home for over a year and a half now - and the majority of the victims were non-locals.

Protected content were visiting as tourists from the cruise ports and others may have been visiting friends or family in the area, and wanted to see a popular museum in the area. Others could have been expats like myself. I've been to the Bardo 4 different times since moving here, and loved it so much, and would offer to go with anyone when they were in town.

Protected content had my adjustment period to a new place, just as many of you had to do where you are now living. I know where to catch a cab and when not to. Found out the respected stores, and know to avoid the bad parts of town. I blend as best as I can and learn enough language to go unnoticed, but that might not be enough anymore.

Protected content attack today did what it was intended to do..... Put myself (non-locals) and the locals in a sense of unease. I know that the region has a lot of responsibility in creating this type of environment. Wars at both sides of the country and now attacks where locals and foreign citizens are being killed from within.

My questions to you are: When do you decide the risk is too great? Why do we feel more secured in our home country? Does the fact you are a prime target for these types of attacks frighten you, or should they?

While I will admit that today's events shocked me, I still have the intention to stay (for now). I have my Tunisian fiancé and his family to support me. I want to believe that the people and groups responsible are caught and brought to a swift and harsh justice.

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