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Where in the world can we live together? (USA&UK)

I am a soon-to-be-graduated american with a soon-to-be-gratuated british parter. We are currently living apart, but we plan to live together after we graduate. Where in the world is it possible for the both of us to live in and find jobs? I am aware of the current job market situation so please don't answer just to tell me it's hard, I am quite aware of it :(. I am a business student (marketing) and he is a politics student (conflict resolution). We are not looking for dream jobs, but anything related would be great.

We are willing to relocate anywhere in the world so any suggestions would be great!

Additional details:

I forgot to add that we both speak Spanish (me as a first language, him as a second fluent language). Both have practiced French, but we are still in a very basic level.

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