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Where to move to learn Russian?

Hello , i moved to Minsk to learn Russian , i have been here for 20 days and when i arrived i did not know anything.

The course quality of the excellent .However the adaptation has been hard because at the university they dont have any type of extra curriculum activities and , in the other hand , they dont support you in anything ( accommodation , etc..) , as a result , to meet people and make friends has been difficult , specially if we take into account that i dont know the language yet and most of the students are foreigns witch are working here , so they are not " students" like me.

As a consequence , i have been thinking about changing my course to an other university , in Belarus or Russia. Any recommendation? , i was looking a course in Petrozavodsk witch look really good and you can live with a host family , witch might be really useful for me.

Thank you for answer me.

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