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Who Needs Healthcare?

I am sure you may think I am crazy, to ask such a stupid question, but I asked the same question reversed "Why are people paying lots of money, demanding an appointment to speak to me or rushing to speak to me in the town centre to ask me a question about health"

In Protected content , I was asked by a IT company to number medical symptoms Protected content , I had to number them only using my common sense because there were no studies that could help me. This is one of the problems but can list a few that is practiced by doctors with no scientific reason. We know doctors managing 70%-80% of common illness using common sense and often this is often driven by financial incentives.

I compiled a list of "Presenting symptoms" since Protected content the results are surprising. 76% of patients consulting a doctors as an emergency had no illness that required a doctors opinion and only 16% of patients required clinical examination.

Why are politicians only talking about increasing the number of doctors, hospitals and clinics and not thinking of reducing demand? This is the only business that can create wealth and will never dry up because it is driven by emotions.

In USA, 79% of doctors are said to over investigate, treat and have vested interest to increase cash flow.

I created a tool that will help reduce wasted consultation, cost and demand, the medical professionals did not like it but I found it hard when people who demand better service and care are also not enthusiastic. Why?

Do people want to be sick or do they think by paying a doctor they get better service and will be cured?

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