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Who´s the god of the IT religion? digital-humanity

I would like to kindly invite you play with teh following story, and let me know, how the transhumanic wars status touch your senses and curioisity?

are you aware that software have been implemented in your system that in 3 years will work for the transhumanic war? the difitalization of your society?

Who is the god of the IT religion?

” (…) i know what are they spraying, nano robots, that when activated will create a nano interface with an augmented reality, an hybrid virtual-organic reality designed to deceive human perception and create artificialy an experience in humanity.

A kind of new holodeck, but in whole planet earth, projected by human mind and triggered by a pre-programmed hybrid reality streammed through the nano-tech interface into the human indiviual and collective system. That nano-tech interface will be wired into every sense organ and instead of receiving signals of organic life will re-transmit the streamed information sent by the master control.

Games like ego-shooter, will be activated into the cities, we know now it is possible to se the same cities you live in and every single street and door, into an ego shooter game. How they did that? easy. satelite, google glasses, drons… consider when the indiviuals already prepprogrammed by gaming will be activated by the nano-interface, what will happend? wouldnt be sent by a master control command to hunt and destroy a target in the middel of any city?

Maybe they did the first experiments on this new technology with indigos. Indigos has a binary-digital program type of mind-organic-body-emotional system that make it easy for them to interface with master command streaming.

Since the first ego-shooter psychic distance-controlled indigos did ego-shooting at schools, the same team of reasearchers and It developers have been colecting data on all other type of human species on earth, in order to create suitable nano interfaces for them. In some cases, advanced interdimensional or quantum type of humans will be kiddnapped and through cirugy implanted several times, or sensors, interface or crystals, or any other type of.

Most of the IT religion followers, blindly belief that their creations will be used for games and education, science and learning. Which at this state of ability of human consciousness is completely impossible, Humanity on earth is extremely primitive and self-unresponsible. A technology like this one will be as dramatically dangerous for the development of the species as that one of the atomic or H bombs.

The survival of the species will be in the hands and actually hearts of the few ones capable to stand the streaming and re-conduce it or transmute it, at nano-scale.

Again, after the fall of atlantis, an hybrid technology, organic-nano-digital and also later GMO, will create the net fall of human collective. One more time only the gods and goddesses, semigods, semigoddesses, travelers and arlequins, beasts, devas and the other ones, aligned with prime self-loving love source core, will survive, in terms of consciousness, to the new fall of human collective and the implant of the new nano-tech-virus, and nano-tech-GMO-DNA-trasnformatores-viruses.

What about the other ones not aligned? did they will create the fall?

At this point in time, several sources of knowledge on earth are at their peak of development, what will actually distract the human species from their true original destiny? an hybrid digitalized era?

What ever the destiny of humanity is, will be self created, there for fair.”

< Transhumanic wars Protected content 2017. The fall. > By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

More in our late publication: Transhumanic wars. Protected content

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