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Whose fault is it any way?


Today I will just mention a comparison of Muslim death toll between conflicts that have taken place between Muslims and non-Muslims and between Muslims themselves since Protected content . I have decided to select 7 largest and most prominent conflicts involving Muslims and non Muslims and the same involving Muslims on both sides. You can read the details below and double check the facts if you would like. A total of 2.9 million Muslims have died in 7 most major conflicts between Muslims and Non Muslims since Protected content . A total of 4.3 million Muslims have died in 7 major conflicts between Muslims themselves. This is just to get a general idea of how things are in the Muslim world and yet you will find a majority of Muslims blaming the West and Israel. are they right is it they themselves to be blamed?

Arab/Palestinian-Israeli conflict Protected content day):
Duration 66 years
Muslims deaths at the hands of Israelis: 91,000

Partition of India (Creation of Pakistan Protected content
Muslim deaths by Hindus & Sikhs: 500,000

Soviet occupation of Afghanistan ( Protected content )
Muslims deaths by Russians: 1,500,000

US occupation of Afghanistan: Protected content day)
Muslims deaths by Americans: 20,000

US occupation of Iraq Protected content day)
Muslim deaths by Americans: 600,000

Bosnian/Kosovo Genocide by Serbs: Protected content Protected content
Total Muslims killed by Serbs: 111,000

Indian occupation of Kashmir Protected content Day)
Total Muslims killed by India: 70,000

Conflicts between Muslims:

Genocide of Bengali Muslims by Pakistani Muslims Protected content
Total deaths: 1,500, Protected content estimates)

Iran - Iraq war ( Protected content )
Total deaths : 1,000, Protected content estimates)

Syrian Civil war+ ISIS Protected content day)
Total deaths: 300,000

Darfur genocide by Sudanese Government of Darfur Muslims Protected content day)
Total deaths: 465,000

Genocide of Kurdish Muslims by Iraq & Turkey Protected content day)
Total deaths: 500,000

Afghan civil war(Battles between Northern Alliance & Taliban Protected content
Total deaths: 500,000

War on terror in Pakistan Protected content day)
Total deaths: 70,000

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