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"Why are the rich ones rich?" .our pro bono offer!

.....really courious about what people are thinking regarding this question.

What do you think, what is the difference, what is really essential?

Hi to all everywhere in the world I am Peter,
an asset manager, working for UHNWI and even institutional investors, for really rich people since many years. This is NOT an attempt to get new clients, I don´t expect this ....Ok, if your wealth is above 20m you may ask again :-).

No what I want to state out here is our "pro bono" offer, something like lawfirms do, every month, solving a case for destitute people. That´s the same we do, we spent our knowledge without charging anything to some people we decide to help. If you are interested, please apply for, write me a short private message about you. No requirement at all.

Anf if not....... :-) you are invited to answer this question, what do you think is the fact what divides the one who got it and all the others?

Best Regards

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