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Why do we come to study to IFM?

Dear Colleague,

We are writing to bring to your attention the programs of the “Institut de Formations et de Management” (IFM). One of the first degrees in this field of Business Management, Operational Management, IT, Sustainable Development, Energy and Environmental Management (Undergraduate/Postgraduate – BBA/ MBA programs) in the world, this highly specialised programme has been very successful.

The program provides in-depth training in: Business & Management, Economic & Finance, Politics and International relations, Humanities, Science, Engineering, IT and Technology and features a “hands-on” (internship/work study-based) approach led by an exceptional team of senior specialists from these areas.

IFM has built its reputation on developing conscientious management executives who make impact because of their ability to think beyond the immediate or obvious. We don't just arm the student with valuable tools, we help them to understand and evaluate just when and where these tools can most usefully be applied. So that when complex business scenarios are presented, they have the means to understand the situation, analyse the problem, and generate genuinely viable solutions.

If you decide to join IFM, you will be acquiring not only a thorough knowledge of the latest management theories and tools, you'll also be working on personal and communication skills – honing and building a set of skills you can use wherever you may find yourself.

For full-time students, the year out of the work environment can be a truly valuable opportunity to assess just where you want your career to take you and how you can shape your skills to achieve your aims. Impetus and help with this is provided via a linked Career Management Programme running throughout the full-time program.

What’s more, we offer highly flexible study options. The program is offered on a full-time or a part-time basis. This flexibility enables you to combine your studies with employment commitments and with teaching delivered in the evenings outside of office hours.

We would be grateful if you could bring our different programme to the attention of suitable candidates in your organisation and if you could pass it to HR (or a similarly designated) department for circulation
through your intranet and/or notice board. Please note that public and private organisations wishing for employees to attend the course may be eligible for a group discount.

For further details and the required criteria, please contact the programme administrator or visit the website at Protected content .

Yours sincerely,
Miss ROJAS Véronique
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