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Why I Hate America, Let Me Count The Ways!


They win too many medals in the Olympics!
They have the strongest ecomony.
They have the best medical care.
They have the best education system.
They admit they have faults.
They invented everything important in the world.
They allow more immigrants that any other country in the world, 10x over.
They have the strongest military.
They defend themselves without apology.
They are the most diverse country.
They taught people how to fly and how to build cars.
They are the country people go to most when they need help.
They are the first country to offer help when others are in need.
They were the first on the moon.
They invented GPS, satellites, radio, TV, refrigeration, electricity, etc.
They are the richest country in the world and like to flaunt it.
They have as much freedom as anyone else in the world.
They don't force immigrants to speak English to live here.

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