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Why is Africa Poor ?

Before I moved to Africa I spend most of time in Europe travelling across in Italy , France , Netherland , UK , Belgium , Germany etc . People in general varied , spoke different languages , different cultures , Food , religion : however there is a common feeling of social & economic security visible even in the poorest sections of the society..

Moved to Africa thinking expecting poverty , droughts , diseases etc , especially I was moving to Malawi which internet portrays as a place god forgot about long time back. Once you reach malawi it's completely different. Not sure this horrific picture is potrayed for donation reasons ??

However now after spending some time here and travelling across I see these are the most gifted and blessed people/place in the whole world. Land is fertile (Where else do you have a good crop without any fertilizers at all) , Full of minerals , People have a inert sense of hapiness in whatever conditions they live , People are physically very strong , Average Stamina of Men/Women is highest in the world. People in general are quiet peaceful and welcoming.

I wonder if colonialism is to blame for their poverty , but after half a century of freedom that particular excuse is no longer valid. Singapore 50 years back was dirty & poor and more backward than many African countries now look what all they have achieved in 50 years. Similarly for many other countries outside Europe. Some say the African race is inferior to whites- I somehow feel that’s a load of crap.

Is it tribalism – Should Africa have another Protected content small countries like Europe in order for each tribe to succeed if they cannot exist together.

There are obvious challenges like Immense corruption , Civil Wars , Ethnic cleansing , AIDS and the list goes on , But I know one thing for sure they might not be the Richest people but they definitely are the HAPPIEST people in the world.

There has to be something that plagues the whole continent in general from centuries & centuries and refuses to go away…………….

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