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Why were/are Jews hated so much?


Hello there, well this is my first post in the P&S section. :)
Most of us usually prefer to stay away from here, so believe me when I tell you that I have spared much thought when I thought of posting this one.

Anyway, so I hope this isn't too sensitive, but this has always kind of piqued my curiosity: Why were/are Jews hated so much? I for one have one or two Jewish friends, and I find Jewish people to be the most kind, honest, and friendly people on earth.

So why were/are Jews being targeted? Jews never forced their religion upon anyone. They've never gone on crusades to kill all those who didn't convert, and for most of the history of the world, they kept to themselves and didn't really bother anyone. Yet they've been persecuted, tortured, and maligned. The Christians accuse them of deicide and the Muslims call them apes. [Online sources] So any reason for that?

Honestly, I dont have much say in this. In fact I would say that I have nothing to contribute at all. Why? Because I have grown up among, seen and been influenced by people from more than one religion (no Jews), in some way or the other and they were never any bitching about anyone from the other religion among my peers or elders. We lived in "perfect harmony" as the term goes by. So I have grown to be quite liberal and least judgemental in my thoughts and approach. I cannot even call myself religious, but spiritual maybe. :)
Anyway, I am not really looking for debates or arguments, only viewpoints so that it lets me know the history a bit too well.

Thats all! Thank you. :)

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