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WikiLeaks – what a public relations coup!


What was new about the “WikiLeak scoop” a few days ago? Anybody following international news have heard about alleged Pakistani involvement in Afghanistan from US officials.

If the 90,000 documents were from inside the ISI they would have been truly sensational. Or if WikiLeaks published classified information from say, the Iranian, North Korean, Russian or Chinese government.

Makes me wonder what the ulterior motive was for doing what the founder of WikiLeaks did. Money, fame or maybe some kind of offer he is hoping to get. Read more by clicking on the headline and then let us know what you believe made him do what he did.

Read more on Protected content and then let us know what you think was the motive behind the decision to endanger the lives of Afghans who provide leaks to the US just to provide leaks that were not scoops.

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