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Women rights , human rights in jordan/middle east


first at all i an ethnic russian who works in jordan temporary i noticed that jordan even it has good reputation with human rights but the fact is jordan is not supporting the real freedom ,human and women rights .
so starting with woman righst : jordanian woman can not give her citizenship for her children , they can not get citizenship of their mother even they are ethnic jordanian .
when a Jordanian married couple gets divorced the Right to custody of the children goes to the father not to the mother .
the Jordanian women can not travel and make a passport for her only if her husband allows her to do this .
the husband can kill his wife and will be supported by the law if his wife cheated him so basically he won't go for jail , while the woman if killed her husband for the same reason she will go to jail and maybe executed .
also if someone raped a girl or woman he has the right to marry her because of his rape and its legal by the law .
honor killing is everywhere .
now human rights : in jordan there are no such freedom of speech or right of expression especially when it comes to politics .
all jordanian politics activists get many harassment by the government each time .
if someone born to muslim father he/she will be forced to live as muslim in jordan by the law i am not talking about radical muslims here only about the jordanian law and government and how it works. if he/she refused to be as muslim then The court will annul his/her marriage, will be deprived of his kids, will be with no ID or passport, and his properties will be confiscated also it can be even too much worse if the male was a female .
muslim can marry anyone woman from any religion while muslim woman can not marry anyone except muslim .
so what do you think about this ? should jordan must be occupied by the west for this to improve these rights or what ?

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