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work online for a traveler


in order to work for a lifestyle traveler, a traveler that lives on the road for several sears as entrepreneur, your business skills combined with the lifestyle travelers operator training will make from you the ideal travel partner online of any lifestyle traveler

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a GIFT for Christmas

If you have a friend that loves to travel, this travel experience will be unforgettable!

Every experienced traveler wishes for support on the road. why not to become the one that makes from every travel challenge a wonderful successful experience?

You are the one online, for the one on the road!

The traveler operator and assistant training will qualify you as the ideal support for a lifestyle traveler, a traveler entrepreneur or a long term traveler.
It also gives you skills as an assistant for project development, projects developed by travelers


WHY TO BE A TRAVEL OPERATOR by lifestyle travelers club?

> learn skills necessary for your self as a traveler
> have a direct experience into the management of projects on the road.
> access contacts in the locations your traveler travels through
> learn from direct experience the challenges of being a traveler
> prepare yourself for your future long travel
earn some money online
> become skillful as travel operator on the road (pay your own travel as travel operator)
> Travel plan, Travel operators learn online all that is necessary to learn for their own future travel plans, access to direct travelers experience and can evaluate possible travel destinations.
> If you can not travel, you can collaborate with a traveler and live the adventure of the road online.


Early sun price (before 18 Dez. Protected content discounts and gift certificates..
Maximum 9 students per study group


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Booking - information

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skype: luisdanielmaldonadofonken


Evaluation of skills and experience module: 90.00 euro
Modules zero, one, two: 90.00 Euro
Modules three, four, five: 180.00 Euro
Modules six, seven, eight: 270.00 Euro
Module nine: 450.00 euro

For each module a certificate is provided.

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Every month. Be ready for special offers every season.


organize yourself with friends for a private training adjusted to your interests. Ask for advice on project design for travelers.

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