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World Passport of World Citizens

Hi All,
I have a World Passport.

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I have laboured for some 5 years to get the governments of Ireland, UK, Germany and Australia to accept this passport as a matter of law.

In April Protected content did a court meeting in Nurtingen in Germany and asked Judge Baessler to present any evidence he had that the Federal Republic of Germany could in any way violate my inalienable right of travel.

I also asked him to present any evidence he had that the Federal Republic of Germany and its agents were not required to respect the World Passport.

Of course, no such evidence was forthcoming. Despite this Angela Merkel, whom this case is before, has not instructed her employees to accept the World Passport.

I am also in touch with the head of the border police in Frankfurt on this matter and have been for some years.

The World Passport is one of the most important concepts of freedom in this world. It is the concept that all men (and women) have the inalienable right to travel as documented in Genesis 1:26. "dominion over all the earth".

Passports are nothing but a way to control the sheeple. Be a "bad sheep" they take away your passport. Same for "driving license". Be a "bad sheep" they take away your driving license.

Given this sort of forum? If anyone would like to work with me to get the World Passport accepted in Germany, UK, Ireland or Australia, please volunteer your services to me on Protected content .

I have been taking on these governments for 7 years now. They do not like it that I point out that they have way overstepped their bounds into the world of criminal actions. They do not like that one little bit.

The Australian government even uses taxpayer money to pay ASIO agents to slander me online because I published video proof of criminality in the family law courts there! LOL! Talk about sore losers!

Best Regards


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