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Worst Airlines (and we haven't even flown yet!)

I have traveled all around the world, but Ethiopian airlines and ASKY airlines are the WORST!

We are moving from Cairo, Egypt to Freetown, Sierra Leone. It is my husband and myself along with our 3 yr old and our Chihuahua.

I have traveled around the world with my dog so I know that I have to call the airlines first to get all the confirmation that the dog can go and whatnot before I book the ticket. I did this. They advised me that they needed my ticket number first to reserve the spot for my dog. I went ahead and booked (following their instructions).

A month after I booked, after sending several emails to Ethiopian Airlines about the size of the crate and the small details that I needed I still had NO response. I filed a formal complaint with the company and the area manager of Egypt contacted me almost immediately to "resolve my issues"....well, its 3 weeks later and I still do not have the dimensions the crate needs to be. This is Ethiopian Airlines....

ASKY the corporate headquarters does not respond to emails. Although, I did find that the loyalty program coordinator does. Have contacted her to forward my email to the correct person. She did (she cc'ed me in it, so I know)....that was over a week ago and I have not heard from him. I contacted her again yesterday explaining everything. She was very apologetic about everything and assured me that she would try to help me as much as possible....I am waiting.

This is the WORST experience I have ever had with any airline company around the world! I advise anyone and everyone who can avoid it to do so! Don't walk away from these airlines...RUN!! FAST!!!

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