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Writers needed for project "Choose Love Over Fear"


My name is David (I’m from the U.S.), and I’m a life coach and founder of “Choose Love Over Fear” ( Protected content ), a non-religious organization dedicated to helping people overcome their personal obstacles, realize their heart’s desires, and create happier, more meaningful lives. I spent last summer giving my seminar “Choose Love Over Fear”—a grounded, concrete, and non-religious approach to creating happier, more fulfilling lives—to people in about 25 to 30 different cities across Europe.

As part of my ongoing project, I am looking for writers from different countries around the world who would like to contribute short articles to my website. The article would be your account of how you are choosing love over fear in your life in your home country. (Note: the article must be about your home country.)

Although the general topic is how you are choosing love over fear, you can choose from a rather big list of sub-topics as well, including: Law of Attraction, Karma, Life Lessons, Acceptance, Surrender, Who Are We?, God, Meaning of Life, Love, Ego, Serendipity and Synchronicity, Intuition, Beliefs, Living in the Present Moment, Living a Balanced Life, Forgiveness, Happiness, Realizing Your Dreams, Life Purpose, and many more (I can give you the complete list).

The short article would be a positive representation of you, your nation, and your culture, all placed within the context of choosing love over fear. A representative photo or two will be needed as well. The idea is to show how people around the world are living from this important life approach so that others can be inspired to do the same.

Please feel free to visit my website for more information about the project. If you would like to contribute (there is no financial compensation for your article), please send a message to Protected content . Thank you.

Warm regards,

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