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What a day, what an incredible day to remember! Whether you're a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent, White, Black, Latino, Native American, Straight, Gay, Christian, Muslim, Jew, a mix of everything or something else, you will probably agree with me: November 4th Protected content an extraordinary day which will certainly be remembered for a long time. One day, there will be people telling their kids and grand-kids: "I was there and I saw it with my own eyes: November 4, Protected content the day Barrack Obama became President of the United States of America!

Being in France at the moment (I lived in America for seven years), I watched CNN all night, I waited until 5am Paris time for the polls to close on the West Coast to hear the result; then I listened to Senator John McCain's remarkable speech at the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix, AZ and then of course, I waited impatiently to listen to President OBAMA's speech in Chicago! A wonderful piece of American History in my humble opinion, what a momentum!! What a day... what a day for America and her people, what a day to remember...

We all perfectly know that President OBAMA will face daunting challenges, with two wars and the economy in shambles; let's pray for the very best of course and that he will be able to deliver all or most of his promises.

Now is the time to transcend all the differences that are dividing us and are throwing the world out of balance, be it difference of opinions, beliefs, faith ... now is the time to focus on everything we have in common, our dream of a better world, a world with more justice, more happiness for the largest possible number of people around the world. Let's unite and work together hand in hand, now is the time... God Bless America and the American People!

As the founder and chairman of the International Network of Social Entrepreneurs (INSE), I am offering, with my excellent partners Kenn Parks (founder and president of Our One Planet) and Iain MacKenzie (founder and chairman of Results InSight) to collaborate and help President Obama and his administration to get America back on her feet and the world in better order; together, yes we can.

O1P/INSE's primary mission is to increase Global Social Responsibility (GSR) worldwide and inspire the largest possible number of entrepreneurs to become social entrepreneurs.

Social entrepreneurship has got nothing to do with Socialism, it's actually the opposite: we want the poor to get richer, only rich people can help poor people.

We are strong proponents of the capitalist model with the concept of free enterprise which thus far and in spite of the recent turmoil has proven to be the best economic model; however, we are promoting a capitalist model which is more mature, a model where the bottom line is no longer the only thing that matters, we are in favor of globally adopting the concept of "triple bottom-line": People, Planet, Profits -- some people call it "Capitalism with a Conscience", other people call it "Spiritual Capitalism"

Whatever you call it, it's the next stage in our evolutionary process and a remedy to all the global issues threatening us and the planet: extreme poverty, destruction of the environment, lack of education.

We are contributing to making the world a better place, now and for generations to come; as Kenn says: "we are bringing Love where hate exists, Hope where there is despair, Peace where there is strife, Sustenance where there is hunger, Health where there is disease, Tolerance where there is ignorance, Knowledge where there is lack of education, Respect where there is division and Passion where there is apathy!"

Our ultimate objective is to promote a culture of peace and tolerance on Earth where the beauty and diversity of humanity is celebrated everyday instead of being feared.

May God Bless America and the American People and all the people around the world that are working toward the edification of a better world now and for generations to come.

We are ONE! One family, the Human family... Together, YES we can! And we will...

With love, passion, compassion, admiration and gratitude

Christophe Poizat
CEO of Our One Planet / INSE Founder & Chairman
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