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You have the right to be the 99%

" You have the right to be the 99% " - Odin Theta

” You have the right to be the 99%, unless you would like to be something elses, and be capable to do what is necessary for being something else. For your information, unless you become like the 1% you would be always like the 99%. By not changing yourself from field of consciousness, you decide to be what you already are: 99%. It is the foundation of Boolean algebra. The shift process will change you, and by changing you will change your reality. It doesnt matter what is your focus, if the 1% refers to wealth, knowledge, consciousness, information, power, love, union with prime source of all that is, the 99% is always 99%. As the 99% does not want to change, there is no possibility to increase the 1% as there are no more alike but only 1% of all of them ” – Odin Theta

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