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You shall not murder - You shall not kill.


A Suicide bomber kills members of the Syrian government, and political powers like the US and UK suggest that Assad's days are numbered. It is looked upon as just in a war according to media opinions.

A suicide bomber blows up a bus in Hungary killing Jewish people, and Israel suggests that Iran is behind it.

James Eagan Holmes a 24 year old American phd student lets off a number automatic guns /rifles /shotguns indiscriminately in a cinema in Denver USA and kills people and wounds 38 plus. He wears a fancy dress uniform and colors his hair orange suggesting he is the joker in a Batman series....

Something is wrong with the three events, and we need to analyze where society has gone wrong.

Let's go back to the commandment Protected content

I suggest that there is no allowed murder, and all killing should be banned.

What do you think?

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