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Dear All.
I didn't sleep since last night because of some dear friend request for help and advice...
Normally I don' find difficulties to advise my friends.but because this time is about keeping or breaking marriage.I felt great responsibility and the importance of every letter of my advice words.That's why i decided to ask for your openion ...
He called me and said in some friendly conversation with his lovely wife.she told him :look baby , I have my past and i have had different men in my life before you.But right now and since first day marriage with you i can say Im 100% yours and I can clearly promise and swear that no single body from past can come again but I CAN'T SWEAR ABOUT FUTURE BECAUSE NO BODY KNOWS WHAT CAN HAPPEN TOMORROW.....
My friend question is...what this comment means about her being not sure or cant promise about future?! Dose it mean their love n marriage are not strong or stable enough? Dose it mean she can be interested in another man in future?!
He asked my clear advice to break now before getting future shock or to consider it as just silly comment???!!!
Please help us and all your comments are highly appreciated
Best regards

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