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Bank accounts offer "next to nothing interest growth" on the funds saved in them..

Most of us have turned to non-traditional options.

The UK offers the perfect climate for increasing land values, out stripping most asset classes over the last 15 years and prompting strategic land investment funds as an excellent alternative to the traditional investment options.

Strategic Land investment funds have been the choice investment for many large institutional and pension funds.

The opportunity exists for take advantage of the expanantial growth experienced from the re-allocation of identified pre-development land through to residential development land.

In order for you to get a more balanced view of this industry I have included links to some articles from highly reputable sources.

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The UK department for Communities and Local Government review (Ball, Protected content that the housebuilder business model can involve the selling of sub-divided land to raise capital. This capital can be used to purchase strategic land sites and provide funds for planning promotion which is fundamental to increase the land value


Any private investment into our sites will receive a contractual commitment to promote the site through the complex UK planning process. The existence of a Plot Promotion Agreement between an investor and the promoter means an investor can be assured that the land will be fully promoted by recognised planning experts in the UK.

Bursledon, Southampton:

Total Opportunities 288
Sold Opportunities 249 86%
Available Opportunity 38 13%

Our site lies west of Bursledon, on the urban boundary. The first draft of Eastleigh’s local plan has been published and confirms that development in Bursledon should proceed. More specifically land lying to the west of Bursledon has been identified as a broad location for development (fig 10; page 52 Protected content . Furthermore, regional planners also determined that the strategic gap between Bursledon and Southampton is inappropriate and should be deleted from the Regional Spatial Strategy.

The site link: Protected content

Fact Sheet: Protected content

Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire:

This site is already included in the joint draft core strategy for Central Bedfordshire and Luton as part of a greater Protected content site being proposed for the urban extension to the north of Houghton Regis. Despite this draft being withdrawn as Luton and Central Bedfordshire will be submitting separate drafts, the intent for the urban extension to the north of Houghton Regis remains ( Protected content ). All work done as per the revised strategy includes our site. Further, the presence of structures on our site specifically with tacit “consent” allows us to proceed with a separate direct planning application. Also important, is the appointment of a planning officer by the local council to directly assist with such applications, which lends credence to our application and ensures a speedy process.

The site link: Protected content

Fact Sheet: Protected content
Houghton Regis Development Consortium and Luton and Beds Joint Committee Proposal.

This published doc shows Axa and other big companies / Pension funds as part of the consortium
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For further detials and a prospectus, please mail me at Protected content
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