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Zoom talk - Creating a network of eco habitats

Join us for a Zoom talk about partnering for
creating a network of Sustainable Eco Habitats around the world.
Wednesday, April 29, Protected content 9am Protected content CST (in Chicago)
(Please check for your local time)
Just send me a private message and I will send you the Zoom link.

Our current worldwide crisis definitely urges us to reflect upon what on earth we have been doing: how we are treating each other, the animals, our planet. The need for sustainable living is now more evident then ever. We need a new world! So amidst all the turmoil, let’s focus on what kind of world we want to create, together. Let’s explore the collaborative process. Let’s be ready for when we can get together again to start building.

Topics we will discuss: the best ways to
build our own homes: bio-construction, models that are earthquake, flood and fire proof; how to help each other build; working with volunteers
creating an open source platform for sharing our blue prints and best practices
grow our own food organically, permaculture
create our own “financial” system, a system for exchanging services/goods in a fair manner
incorporate renewable energy source
devise a swapping system, which allows us to live and work in other eco habitats around the world for a certain time
offer classes (bio-construction, permaculture…)
be part of it all: ex. possibility to work in exchange for getting a piece of land in the eco habitat
and more

Looking forward to connecting,
in loving synergy,

*Not related to any ideology. Anyone who wants to work together for living sustainably is welcome.

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