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Expat life in Poland (Wrocław)

Hey Everyone,

My husband and I spent the later part of Protected content in Lodz. I realize this is a Wroclaw group, but there isn't one for Lodz (on InterNations). We are grateful for any help you all can give!

We are now scheduled to move to Lodz, 1, Nov. I realize some questions are redundant so I will try to ask only questions I have not already seen on the forum. We are grateful for any help you all can give!

My husbands company is assisting with most of the move but I would like to discover other options, if there are any.

Are medically prescribed medications (from a US doctor) easily accessible?
What advice would one have should we become pregnant during our stay?
Should we have a land line as well as mobile service?
What is the most flexible mobile service available, that also offers a great international plan?
If anyone is familiar with public transportation in Lodz, what is the best approach to learning how to buy monthly tickets? Are they zone specific or is there one suitable for all districts?

We are really looking forward to our transition, and again, really appreciate any insight you have to offer!

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