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Psychotherapy session or consultation (Wrocław)

If you are looking for consultation or psychotherapy session, I will be happy to help.

Reasons for starting psychotherapy are usually following:
LIFE TRANSITION CHALLENGES: Change almost always creates some stress. It can feel overwhelming.
DEPRESSION: Often described as the “common cold” of mental health issues, depression can have many symptoms. These can include sadness, irritability, fatigue, inability to sleep, decision-making issues, and the list continues.
MOOD PROBLEMS can seriously interfere with sleep, interpersonal relationships, physical health and well-being, concentration. Counseling can help identify, clarify, and often even simplify problematic thoughts and feelings. When needed, I can also recommend you a great psychiatrist for additional treatment with medication (dr hab. Krzysztof Małyszczak: tel. Protected content
ANXIETY: is different than stress because it is far less logic. Your thoughts will tend toward dramatic, paranoid, and incessant. You will feel panicky and fearful at the slightest thing, even if you can’t make sense of it. Feelings of anxiety can also manifest physical symptoms such as nausea, muscle tension, increased heart rate, and perspiration.
CONFIDENCE: Many people who turn to therapy do so because they have issues with their self-confidence. This can be down to unresolved childhood issues, harmful relationships, and/or automatic negative thoughts.
RELATIONSHIP ISSUES: It's often helpful to have an outside perspective or help in developing communication skills and strategies for relationships. When a break-up happens, sometimes it's just nice to have an empathetic listener.
SOCIAL ISOLATION / SHYNESS: It can be hard to know where to turn when you feel really alone. For some of us, it is especially hard to make new connections and develop close friendships. If this is true for you, remember this is why I am here and I can help.

Last year, during my trainee at the Klinika Psychiatrii (Clinic of Psychiatry, Daily Department of neurosis treatment) I have learned psychodynamic approach and experienced to work with group using psychodrama.

Psychotherapist often uses maps such as family trees and genograms. They may focus on:
• unhelpful patterns of behavior
• the way people relate to each other
• emotional experiences that influence family life
• important past events that may leave a lasting effect on family life
• patterns of behavior, belief and relationships that may be passed from generation to generation.

For systemic therapists, our experiences and the contexts in which we live, can shape the way we think about ourselves, and others in the world. Sometimes these “narratives” can be unhelpful and hold us back from our full potentials. The psychotherapist can respectfully guide the client to challenge some of the assumptions that drive the way they live their lives.”

Usually I ask for example: “What is doing your Mum/Dad/Wife/Friend X when you have problem?” Who 1st can recognize that you are not feeling well? If one day a miracle happen and your problem is gone, how would you know that? What would be different? Would you like it or will you miss something?”
Or: “What good is coming from your problem? Why you would like to change it? Why now?”

The address of my office is ul. Biskupia 11, it is right behind the Hair Salon La Grand located at the corner of Biskupia and Stwosza 16. Here I work on Wed. (8. Protected content . My office is close to Rynek and Pl. Dominikański.

On Sat (9. Protected content – I work at ul. Klimasa 37b/ Protected content (Krzyki). (Entrance from ul. Tarnogajska, opposite the tram stop)
I work with individuals from a systemic approach. 50 min. session. Session scheduled usually every 2nd, 3rd or 4th week. In case you need more often –> every week.

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