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Find Your Favorite Place in Wroclaw

Who doesn’t like visiting new places or discovering amazing corners of their city? If Poland is on your must-visit list , you shouldn’t miss Wroclaw. We share some of the best places across the city for everyone who is still looking for their favorite place in Wroclaw.

I am convinced Wroclaw has positive vibes and if you consider a future stay in Poland, Wroclaw is the perfect choice.

For those of you who have recently moved to the city, the following tips are a good starting point for taking a nice walk around and exploring everything Wroclaw has to offer. 

The Beauty of Ostrów Tumski

Ostrów Tumski is the oldest and one of the most beautiful parts of the city. When you enter the place from Katedralna (Cathedral street) you will need to cross Most Tumski (Tumski Bridge). For years, people have hung lockers and thrown the keys into the Odra river as a symbol for their never-ending love. 

Across the bridge, you will find Katedralna (Cathedral street) where you can see beautiful architecture with its historic facades. The street then leads to the church of Święty Jan Chrzciciel (Saint John the Baptist) in the heart of Ostrow Tumski.

Close by, you can see Brama Kluskowa, also known as the ‘dumpling gate’ with a small sculpture of a dumpling on its top. We have a legend about it:

Once upon a time, there was a man whose wife used to make delicious dumpling. After she died, other women wanted to make dumplings for him, however, he didn’t like the taste.

One day, he fell asleep under the gate and dreamed of his wife with a pot full of hot dumplings. The one warning she gave him was to leave the last dumpling in the pot. But when the man got too greedy and tried to eat all of them, the last one flew out of his hand and petrified on the top of the gate.

Crossing Most Grunwaldzki (Grunwald Bridge), you will pass the National Museum overgrown by ivy.  The museum is worth a visit for its collection of Polish as well as European arts. Spend some time there and learn more about polish painters, i.e. Jan Matejko.

If you’d rather see Wroclaw from the riverside, you can visit a small harbor for kayaks and boats in the area. From there, you can either take a guided boat tour or rent a boat and take your own tour around the Old Town.

Past the National Museum and the harbor, you will find seating areas made of concrete and wood. It is a cozy place to relax, surrounded by reed thicket. With Odra river and the whole Ostrów Tumski in front of you. I am sure you will fall in love with the place, especially during sunset.

A Venue with Flair — Hala Stulecia (Hall of The Century)

The Hall of The Century is a massive architectural masterpiece of the 20th century. It is a place where a variety of entertainment takes place, from exhibitions to conferences. Especially after its renovation, the surroundings of the hall (as well as the hall itself) are definitely a place to admire. 

At the start of a summer season, people gather at the special fountain in front of the hall to experience a wonderful show with lights, music, and holograms.

The columns around the fountain are covered in ivy and from here you’ll have a lovely view on the whole Hall.

The Center of the Old Town — Rynek Marketplace

Wroclaw’s marketplace is just wonderful! Placed right in the center of the Old Town, surrounded by colorful tenements, it allows you to admire the view and enjoy the atmosphere. Especially on long summer days, you can see street artists, music bands, and enjoy festivals. Seasonal events also take place all year round, such as the Christmas market. During this time, you can buy unique Christmas presents and enjoy hot beverages and warm meals from small wooden booths.

There are nice bars and restaurants all around the area, where you can easily find something that matches your taste and try traditional, very delicious Polish dishes.

In the corner of the marketplace, on St. Nicolaus street, are two historic tenements, called Jaś and Małgosia, or Hansel and Gretel​ (referring to the fairy tale, where two kids get lost in a forest, and find a house made of sweets, where a bad Baba Yage lives). Pay attention, the buildings look like they are holding their hands, like a brother and a sister.

Take the Dwarfs’s Route

Did you know that dwarfs live in Wroclaw? For now, there 352 different figures, placed around the city. These small figurines all represent the specific place where they ‘’live’’.
For example, a name of one dwarf is “Dentist”, it is because it is placed outside of the Medical University-The Dentistry department. If you are interested, you can get a map of all their locations and take a trip down the dwarfs’ route. It is a great attraction, especially for families with kids!

I am sure you will be astonished about everything that Wroclaw has to offer. After a while, you will find your favorite places in the city, i.e. among the many parks and greenery where you can relax.

Enjoy your stay in Wroclaw!

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