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British/Myanmar baby born in Thailand (Yangon)

Hello. We are expecting a baby. We live and work in Phuket. I am a British citizen, have work permit, passport and work visa. My husband is Myanmar citizen and has his Myanmar ID card, he also has Myanmar passport but the visa has expired more than a year ago. At a workplace he was given a migrant worker ID card and was asked to wait for Thai migrant worker passport, for which he has paid already. Now we found out that this kind of passports are no longer available, so he is left with just an ID card were also his birth date is not correct and his name in English is not spelled correctly. From Myanmar we do have a marriage certificate, household registration in both Myanmar and English copies and all other relevant documents, since we needed a lot of paperwork to apply for Thai visa.
If the baby is born in Thailand, how do we go about registering his father on a birth certificate?
After the birth we are planning to travel back to Myanmar. For myself it is simple, all I need is to obtain a social visa and can fly immediately, but it seems that my husband can get back only with a help of human traffickers, he was told. I find it terrifying. How can our baby cross the border? I cannot apply for British Passport for him, as we will need to produce both of our valid passports with visas, it can be done only in Myanmar now. The baby will not have Thai nationality and we also can not apply for baby’s Myanmar nationality (same problem with expired visa in father’s passport).
All we really want is to deliver our baby safely, register his birth with both parents names and return to Myanmar together as a family (no illegal border crossings, as we are being advised by Myanmar “visa, passport help centers”). Any useful advice is welcome.

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