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Foreign Owned Small Businesses in Yangon (Myanmar)


Hi There,

I am visiting from the US of A and would like to conduct an interview with foreign owned small business owners. I am with a non-profit org.based in Denver, Colorado.
I have several reasons for my request for conducting an interview with you:

1. My purpose in coming to SE Asia on this trip is to highlight countries like Myanmar, that the majority of Americans don’t know exist and have no knowledge of.
2. My second reason is to specifically highlight small businesses that have opened up in Yangon, since the new govt. policy to open the country to outsiders, after nearly 50 years of isolation.
3. My 3rd reason is to drum up support for specific social community projects that can be started to provide the young men and women tools to better their lives.
4. My 4th reason I will be doing a “presentation” to select audiences in different states in the U.S.—to highlight my SE Asia trip—and challenge the youth of America to have an open mind, think globally, and even visit SE Asia, especially Myanmar. Your small business can and will inspire many young college students to choose focus on an issue that resonates with them personally, take a step of faith and make a difference by doing something about it. In short, seeing a problem/issue, finding solutions, team up with other likeminded youth, and doing something about it.

If you are a small business owner in Yangon or elsewhere in Myanmar, and are open to being interviewed, and having your business highlighted, I would be delighted to meet with you at a convenient time. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Rajiv

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