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Furniture for sale [3,000USD for whole set] (Yangon)

Hi. Looking for someone who want to buy whole set or a part of furniture that I have such as washing machine, bed, TV, Panasonic air purifier, etc. (I will leave current house in Yangon by the end of August and keep some of unsold furniture in a storage in downtown)
Please comment back if you have any interests / questions. Hope this helps someone's life in Yangon^^

Here is the list of furniture (mostly bought 2 years ago)
1 Dining table with 4 chairs Protected content
2 Sofa for 7 people Protected content
3 Book shelf (bought in MK Winner, 150usd)
4 2 Shoe shelves Protected content
5 Living low table(150usd)
6 TV standMK Winner100
7 42inch-TV (Panasonic, 400usd)
8 DVD Player(Panasonic, 200usd)
9 Dresser (bought in MK Winner, 100usd)
10 Color closet (bought in MK Winner, 100usd)
11 Closet with mirror(100usd)
12 King-sized bed Protected content
13 Bed mattress Protected content
Protected content Refrigerator (Hitachi, 200usd)
15 Washing machine (Hitachi, 200usd)
16 Kitchen cabinet (bought in MK Winner, 150usd)
17 Storage rack (50usd)
18 Air purifier (Panasonic, 130usd)
19 Laundry stand(50usd)
20 Food blender (Panasonic, 50usd)
21 Clothes iron (Panasonic, 15usd)
22 Rice cooker (Kangaroo, 15usd)
Protected content cords (15usd)
24 Single-lens reflex camera (Canon, free)
25 Digital camera(Nikon, free)
26 Golf set for lady Protected content
27 Electric transformer (50usd)
28 Water heater (Kangaroo, 5usd)
29 Kitchen stove (20usd)
30 Safe guard (5usd)
Protected content case (If you buy something, you can take them for free)
32 Blanket (same as #21)
33 Clothes hanger (same as #21)
Protected content (same as #21)
Protected content (same as #21)
Protected content (same as #21)
37 Eating utensils (same as #21)
38 Cooking utensils (same as #21)
39 Antique chair Protected content
40 Weight scale (Tanita, 10usd)
41 Weight scale (Camry, 10usd)
42 Microwave (Panasonic, 100usd)
Whole set of 42 items = 3,000USD (if someone purchase some of items in advance, they will be excluded and I will discount for it)
*No delivery services/charges are included.

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