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Health insurance for basic medical services (Yangon)

Hello all,

In preparation for our upcoming move to Yangon, I have been doing some reading about basic necessities that we may need when living in Yangon from this website, and one of these is ‘health insurance package’. My husband and I do not need anything too fancy, really, just basic coverage, such as occasional regular visits to doctor to get regular prescriptions, maybe some annual blood lab check for common parameters, such as cholesterol, a few X-rays when needed, etc., and for acute service (e.g., hospitalization for emergency conditions such dengue fever, typhoid, ER treatment, etc.). Basic dental check-up are excluded for now.

I don’t know how much of these are covered by insurance coverage, but looking at what people recommended/suggested, I came up with this list of insurance companies/brokers that provide health insurance package for expats:

– A Plus International Insurance
– MSH International
– World Nomads
– Cigna
– Pacific Prime Insurance
– Poe-Ma (boutique insurance broker that sells foreign based health insurance for expats)
– SOS International
– Athena Global Consulting (also provide health insurance)

My question is: what is the most optimal and the most affordable health insurance coverage that cover basic services as noted above for expats in Myanmar?

I was wondering whether people who have bought health insurance packages from any of these companies can share their experience on similar needs to enlighten those who are still seeking for health insurance.

Or perhaps, maybe it’s better off without any health insurance for these basic services? Don’t know…

Any ideas and sharing of stories are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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