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Hiring an interpreter (Yangon)

I'm headed to Yangon next week to do reconnaissance work for Engineers Without Borders. I'm wondering if anyone knows a reputable translator (or agency) to contact to help me with my project? They need to have good communication in English and hopefully know a little about the non-governmental organizations in the country (ie: Metta Development Foundation Myanmar).

I'm looking learn more about the possibility of partnering with a local organization to implement a village aid project. If you know any other organizations to contact or leads to follow as well I would appreciate it. See description of our project below.


Village Aid Project-EWB Profile
-- WHO: Volunteer faculty, students and community partners from Fort Lewis College working to towards a common mission. Since Protected content have completed 22 projects in 17 villages in Thailand, Laos, Ecuador and now Nicaragua.
-- MISSION: To help developing communities worldwide with sustainable solutions to their engineering needs like potable water and sanitation, while involving and training a new kind of internationally responsible student.
Although water and sanitation are our most common goal we also can help with schools, clinics, energy and other engineering related needs.
-- WHAT WE PROVIDE: We provide engineering design and project development, money for construction costs and construction assistance. We make a 5-year commitment to each community that includes pre-project assessment, construction and follow-up monitoring for three years to assure sustainability. We DO NOT give money to villages or other organization. We work with them to develop and implement projects. We can do one or two projects each year.
-- WHAT WE REQUIRE: Because of our student based mission VAP-EWB is a unique organization. We require that our volunteers (students and faculty) be allowed to work with the village on all parts of the project. It is important that students learn not only about the engineering but about the people and culture.
-- TYPICAL PROJECT SCHEDULE: May year-1 VAPEWB visits villages to organize, collect data and establish a community water committee, September-April VAP designs the system and raises funds, May year-2 construction team Protected content with village to build the system, years 3, 4, 5 follow-up monitoring and/or other projects.

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