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How is your overall experience in Yangon?

Dear people in Yangon,
my name is Heiko Schmidt. I am currently thinking about applying for a job in Yangon. I have never lived in Myanmar and therefore have no idea how it is to live there. I lived in Manila before. Some things I liked, others I hated, especially the heavy traffic and pollution everywhere.

Could you maybe tell me how life in Yangon is like? How do you usally go from A to B? Is there public transport? How bad is the traffic?
How are the locals, are they friendly towards foreigners, is it safe to travel alone? What are regular leisure activities people in Yangon do? Sport, events, nature trips, cinema etc? Are there nice bars and restaurants to be found for weekend nights out?

If you could take 2 minutes and just write down what pops up in your head that would help me a lot!
Thank you very very much,

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