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living in Yangon

Hi everybody,

I might get a job in Yangon in November this year. Next weekend, I am travelling there to get a first impression and see whether I could imagine to live there - it is doubtlessly a big change from South East Asia richest to SE Asia's poorest country, as I have lived in Singapore for ten years now.

Ok, what I would like to get some information about is this:

- shopping opportunities - supermarkets, Protected content , availability of Western food items and other Western products
- safety
- housing - are there decent condos/apartments available and how much would you have to pay for a 2 bedroom apartment/condo?
-Transport: How is the traffic situation – a lot of jams? Availability and price of taxis?
- costs of living: How much would you need per month for two persons if you live in a decent condo (car not necessary).

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer this.


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