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Mental health services (Yangon)

Hi there

I am hoping to move over to Yangon within the next year and was hoping for some advice/ guidance. My partner already lives out in Yangon and is in the advertising industry. I am a UK qualified social worker who has specialised in working with children's mental health. From my own research I have found very little in the way of mental health services/ social work in the city. However, I don't want to lose my skills and would like to work in some way that is relevant to the time I've spent training in this field. I am aware that this won't necessarily be called 'social work' or 'mental health' and that the job I do over in the UK isn't likely to be here in Yangon and positions may be a lot lower/ different than what I do in the UK. But if anyone could point me in some direction of where to look further/ what opportunities there could be I would be really grateful.



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