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new propery site 100% broker free (Yangon)

Dear reader as we all are experts, we know how difficult the real estate market is in Myanmar.

The prices of properties are high, and often the property quality is poor.
I am originally from the Netherlands and some of the sq-ft prices are higher than in the middle of Amsterdam or most other large cities in Europe.

When you find a nice apartment or property you are then usually confronted by this broker system.
You have to pay your broker 1 month fee of the yearly renal fee, or if you buy you have to pay Protected content % op the selling price.
And if you have a contract of more than 1 year you even more than 1 month fee.

If the property owner also has a broker, the owner also has to pay the same amount, to his / her broker.

In conclusion: the market is dominated by real estate agencies and brokers. Who are not actively searching for you or supporting you, but are simply there to make a living as middle men.

Also if you look at some of the real estate sites, the properties displayed in pictures do not always match the description in text.
Or there is a lack of photos, or other information, sometimes the property is not available any more but is still being posted on the web site

Web2Basic is an hosting and web design company who would like to break this system of money sucking brokers and inaccurate information.

Web2basic launched with the intention that this site will be 100% broker free. That means you deal directly with the property owner, and the property owner directly with you. and web2basic are not interfering, or in-between you or the owners.

We ask a small service fee of 1.5 lks / per property / year from the property owner. THATS IT. NO percentage no monthly fee.

For this fee we make photos, make a list of all details, of your property and place your property on our website for 1 year.

Help us to make this a success and break the brokers market.

Kind regards,

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