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Relocating in Yangon


I'll have to move (my girlfriend is following me in a short time) to yangon for one year or two. I'll have an expat contract so fees will be paid but I have to handle all the logistic more or less on my own. I guess I'll first stay in a hotel but then I'll defiantly look for something with a kitchen.

Do you have any tips about what I should consider looking for an apartment? I've read that there are a lot of power brake, are there any zones better then others? There is any way to get any kind of recipe from the landlords?

And what about the money? People who stay there for long period how to mange to get cash? Do you travel to TH once a month just to withdrawn?

Do you think that travelling by taxy can be manage or should I look for some kind of private transportation?

I may be silly but there is any swimming pool open to the public to train, I’ve seen on google that there is an Olympic one but I didn’t understood if it is reserved or not

Thanks in advance for your help,

Ps do you know any meeting place? as you can guess I'll not know anybody there

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