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Visa/work permits/opportunities (Yangon)

Dear forum members,

Currently based in Ottawa, my partner and I are looking for new, exciting and challenging opportunities abroad (as both of us have Masters in International Relations/Development. We have grown tired of the Ottawa bubble (I have been in and out of Ottawa for most of my life - with stints for school and work abroad) and think it would be the perfect time for a bold move and a shift in our careers.

We are currently both wrapping up government contracts and conducting extensive research on opportunities abroad. The plan is to see if any solid opportunities come up between now and June (We've been applying for jobs and researching since December), and also be prepared to pick up and leave to a city of our choosing, even if we have to do it jobless.

In our extensive research on cities and work, Yangon, Myanmar has definitely made the short list. I would like to know more about how to acquire a work permit and what the current job market is like for mid career, caring and articulate professionals who have experience in the areas of governance, land tenure policy, human rights and community development.

I have found plenty of information on the various step that are necessary (as described on sites like this: Protected content but I would like to hear the details from an expat who has gone through the process. How challenging was it? Is Yangon the type of place where engaged and highly motivated young professionals can usually just show up, network, apply for jobs and find work within a reasonable amount of time (two months)?

Any advice for two young professionals looking for a meaningful shift in their careers would be so greatly appreciated.
Many thanks in advance,

Warm regards,

Tim and Annie

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