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Arriving in Yaounde with young family (Yaoundé)

Hello all,
I'm coming to Yaounde for my work for 3 months this summer with my family (two boys, aged 4 and 5 and my partner). I'm looking for some information on life there. I used to live in Equatorial Guinea and have visited Cameron, but that was before I had children, and am currently living in France. My questions are:
- How can I go about finding a house/appartment to rent, and what kind of prices would it be?
- Which districts in Yaounde are most family-friendly or what are the differences between the main districts? I'll be travelling for work, so will want my family to feel happy while I'm away (and my mum will come and take over from my partner in looking after the kids when he has to go back to work)
- Are there any kids activities/groups/events going on?
- How safe is travelling/driving? Will my mum and my kids be okay getting around in taxis, or is hiring a car a possibility?
- Are there any other helpful websites/forums/facebook groups/yahoo groups/etc?

EDIT: I forgot to mention that my partner is French and our kids are bilingual, so we are looking for groups or actvities in French or English.

Many thanks for any help!

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