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Yaounde InterNations Get-Togethers (Yaoundé)

Hello Everyone,

Planning an event in Yaounde is one thing, and actually attending or having interested individuals is another thing. What we could possibly do is, propose where's appropriate to have such events held, the time duration(s), and the theme of the event. Because the thing is, it's not everyone that could get up an evening expecting to go to a Night Club trying to have a great time; I'm not saying it's of a bad idea, but it has to be decent enough for any person(s) to attend.

On this point, I already had to celebrate my birthday (Apr. 24th), and won't mind having any post-celebrations; which could be a type of idea for a kind of event - celebrating an InterNation member's birthday. Well, on the other hand, you have better ideas, solutions, or proposals you're always free to bring them up on the table; and plus, it's always negotiable.

P.S.: Please do come up with something concrete and do write back about it, so we could have a talk over it. Thank You!

- Indiana -

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