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buying a property in yerevan (Yerevan)

Hello there

I have recently been browsing online for properties in the whole and outskirts of yerevan & im quiet suprised to see apartments go for $8-15K for units in a stone built house.

I have been thinking of spending some times in yerevan around Protected content and i was wondering if it would be worth buying an appartment in Yerevan so once i leave i can rent it to a local or expat.

Let just say i arrived in yerevan with $10K in USD i buy the apartment i get the keys but once i leave how am i able to take care of my apartment bills and stuff while overseas?

Rent is roughly around $250 a month

I have read that its easy for foringers to buy properties in Armenia as its easy to get some sort of Armenian residency permit.I asked the embassy in london and they told me to goto some sorta immigration office to get a permit for a year or 3

I know Armenia isnt like all the other countries in the EU but its their culture, history and religion that is bringing me to Yerevan for sometime. I have been meaning to visit Yerevan in the last 2 overseas holidays in Europe and Asia

Im willing to travel around the Caucasus/iran region for Protected content as long as i have all my medicines in tow and i could used Yerevan as a base

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