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Can I leave my suitcase with someone? (Yerevan)

My name is Carrie Tirrell and I'm a Columbia Law Student who's going to be interning at a human rights organization in Yerevan over the summer.

Before I start my internship I'm planning to fly from Yerevan to Tel Aviv to meet a friend and do some traveling. The problem is that I need one set of clothes to dress appropriately in the Middle East and another to wear to my internship. Therefore, I'll be flying to Yerevan with two suitcases and I'm really hoping I can leave one with someone in Yerevan so that I don't have to haul it everywhere. I'm happy to pay some sort of reasonable compensation to whomever is willing to keep my bag from May 20-June 8. If you would be willing, please let me know! I'd be very grateful!

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