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SOLVED: Vaccinations - where can you get them? (Yerevan)

Hi everyone. I am in need of Hepatitis B vaccinations as I am headed to Israel in January, and will be training with their ambulance service.

Does anyone know where the best place for vaccinations is (in Yerevan)? Unfortunately I don't speak Armenian or Russian, so somewhere with English would be great.

Through a rather interesting day full of hand-gestures, google translate, and wild-goose-chases I managed to get my MMR vaccination from Nairi medical centre, but they are currently out of Hep B serum. No one there seemed to know when they'll get more in. Time is an issue for me as a full Hep B course will take 3 months minimum.

Any info you can provide about this would be absolutely excellent, as it could save me more days of wild-goose-chasing. Deadlines seem to take all the fun out of them!

Oh, one other thing. The Nairi doctor mentioned they use serum from the UK, and she would not recommend other medical centres as they may use Russian-made vaccines which can have dangerous and harmful side-effects. Is there any truth to this?

Thanks in advance!

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