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China,Australia&nowCroatia:My CrashCourse ITALIANO (Zagreb)

Fellow Internationauts,

I am an Internationaut originally from Zagreb, Croatia with a predominantly Italian upbringing and lifestyle and an American educational background.

I am now back in Zagreb after having spent more than half a year in Stockholm and now that I plan to stay here for a few weeks I was thinking about doing something here in Zagreb that I already did in China and Australia with great passion and satisfaction- an Italian language crash course for skyrocketing your proficiency in Italian- the course would last a few weeks(depending on how fast my pupils assimilate!) and ideally it would take place a few hours everyday for ensuring superior memory retention but since thats not viable for most of you, a high frequency contingency plan would need to be put in place ;)

I employ state of the art methods that deliver time-proven results as well as some of my own approches that you wont find anywhere else.

The focus is obviously on talking and building a decent vocabulary, but some basic grammar will be inevitable.

During each class, in addition to boosting your knowledge of the language, you will get the chance to savor some Italian food specialties (and maybe even some good wines!)

The course would be offered in group sessions as well as in 1 on 1 mode, depending on your needs/preferences.

It would be very affordable and I guarantee, one of your best micro-investments ever!

Kindly let me know if you feeling this Crashcourse of mine ;)

Looking forward to your replies.



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