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Employment Possibilities (Zagreb)



I am a British citizen and have moved to Zagreb to be with my fiance of Croatian origin. I am having such a hard time finding anyone who wants to employ an Expat. I am not fluent in the language but have been trying very hard to learn it. My fiance is a chef and were considering a move to Dubrovnik where he has been offered a position at the Radisson Blu Hotel in the hope of maybe finding something more basic for myself there..still undecided, and am sadly having second thoughts re permantly staying here for financial reasons, as I find everything else about Croatia very satisfactory. Obviously due to Croatia not being a member of the EU I would have to leave my fiance behind. Does anyone have any suggestions or employment possibilities?

I have great hotel experience from my employment with CUNARD
Postgrduate in Photography
BA hons in Graphic design, both from top London University

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